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Porcelain Doll
Porcelain doll with tangled hair,
People pass or stop and stare,
Her cotton clothes are ripped and torn,
Her parents regret the day she was born,
Her plastic heart has melted down,
Her stunning smile, a perfect frown,
Her shining future, a blackened road,
Her flowing words, a fucked up code.
Once glowing eyes, now dark and dead,
And voices scream inside her head,
A falling rain of acid tears,
Mirrors reflecting all her fears,
A fire raging through her veins,
Drugs to reduce all her pains,
Her porcelain skin, now scarred and bruised,
Her staggering beauty, now gone and used.
A foreign beauty, now buried alone,
A cryptic place where light once shown,
Once graceful flight with song and dance,
A life of hope and true romance,
Now blundering falls and morbid display,
Where crystal tears fall every day,
A heartless place of death and disease,
Where evil comes and goes with ease.
Porcelain doll with tangled hair,
Shattered dreams and timeless despair,
A radiant star, now void black hole,
:icondeadlypoison695:deadlypoison695 1,707 963
Sex Object
  Between her legs, lies something that
every man seems to want.
  A place where she should be able
to call her own, between her legs.
  She feels that men only want her,
a true want, to have sex with her, and
walk away.
  The breasts she has, they gain
stares from men passing by, tripping
over themselves to find a chance to touch.
  When will she stop being looked at,
as an object of sex? when will a man
see her as someone he may spend his
life with?
  Her hips curve, and she doesnt
want your hands on them, if your
just going to touch her skin.
  She wants a man to touch her soul,
not just touch her skin, and run his fingers
where they do not belong.
  What made these men think, she
is just a sex object, a toy that could be
put on display, and taken whenever they
  Between her legs, lies something that
every man seems to want.
  Proud she is though, that she hasnt
given in, hasnt
:iconcatch-a-falling-star:catch-a-falling-star 2,139 1,291
Boy and his Guitar II by silxy Boy and his Guitar II :iconsilxy:silxy 6,856 1,386 dead man's wife. by error- dead man's wife. :iconerror-:error- 2,442 343
Hell's Symphony
Hell's Symphony
a poem.
In a place of prowess, pleasure and pride,
where one shall succeed when one shall try,
lies not a life of unremitting glee
but a tale of untold misery.
It lies beneath the ash-gray smog,
Over a cup of tea and a blend of nog;
it lies betwixt the stoops and crows,
in the city’s secret: none meant to know.
A kindly old man, who’d forgotten his name,
sipped his brew, though bland and gray,
for ‘twas redolent of a life come to pass
when he was more than sleepless, dull and crass.
‘Twas a life of bliss and sheer prosperity,
simple and silent but for his occasional melody;
a life where all could tell you his name -
where nearly all knew him as the Musical Saint.
Long hours he’d spend, rambling off notes,
scribbling ‘till content with whatever he wrote.
Then he’d play it aloud for each loving ear
and most would reply with an adoring cheer.
But alas, not all hailed it as stunning perfection
:iconh-zence:h-zence 3 3
Wasted - color by tdx Wasted - color :icontdx:tdx 3 6 Natural Selection by VixennEvenblade Natural Selection :iconvixennevenblade:VixennEvenblade 1 3 FOA: Episode 1: ''nam' by FlintlockFiona FOA: Episode 1: ''nam' :iconflintlockfiona:FlintlockFiona 2 4 Treat Please by LAB- Treat Please :iconlab-:LAB- 2 20



United States
So, my computer doesn't work at all since we have 36 severe viruses which is why I haven't been on for awhile. Someone is coming tomorrow to see if they can fix it somehow by clearing the hard drive completely, but otherwise we'll be getting a new hard drive or a whole new computer. Either way we're pretty much losing everything, so I'll be tormented by the frustration of trying to get everything back that I already had. Nearly all of my music was on the computer, so I'm left with just what I have on my mp3 player for now and then I'll have to try to somehow get all my songs back... okay, enough about that. i'm done.


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